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This book is printed on-demand as orders are placed. While saving us significant financial resources, this approach also ensures that every book printed is used, reducing significant cost to our environment.

Nonviolent Communication Toolkit for Facilitators
Interactive Activities and Awareness Exercises Based on 18 Key Concepts for the Development of NVC Skills and Consciousness
By Raj Gill, Lucy Leu, and Judi Morin

Format: Paper
Size: 7.5x10.5, 506pp
Availability: Usually ships from Amazon.com within 2-3 business days

List Price: $75.00 — Price includes hardcopy Exercise Manual sold through Amazon.com and other online bookstores, and access to electronic downloads of General Learning Aids, Specific Learning Aids, Handouts and Instructional Video Clips on this website for a complete Toolkit package.

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Product Description:
Never before has there been such as comprehensive a collection of facilitator resources as the NVC Toolkit! Internationally respected NVC trainers, Judi Morin, Raj Gill and Lucy Leu have come together to codify over 20 years of training experience in one hands-on facilitator guide.

Whether you’re a new facilitator, a seasoned trainer looking to incorporate a more experiential approach, or a team of trainers, the NVC Toolkit has a wealth of resources for you. By breaking NVC down into 18 key concepts, this Toolkit provides succinct teaching tools that can be used on their own for shorter sessions, or combined for a long-term, or multi-session training.

Your NVC Toolkit purchase includes:

  • Hard Copy Exercise Manual — this 500+ page manual gives you exercises, activities, and even scripts to guide you in sharing 18 key NVC concepts
  • Electronic Downloads — Access instructions and templates for producing 21 Learning Aids and 33 Handouts that help you create a dynamic, interactive, hands-on learning environment
  • Instructional Video Clips — Access 20 short instructional clips and one 30-minute video to help clarify some of the more complex activities

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What People Are Saying:

“If you wish to facilitate and practice NVC, here is a resource I recommend with confidence and enthusiasm!”
- MARSHALL B. ROSENBERG, Ph.D., Founder and Educational Director of the Center for Nonviolent Communication

“I am literally on the edge of my seat, eagerly waiting to dig into this treasure chest of ‘hands-on’ training activities.”
Freedom Project Prison Training Coordinator, Seattle, WA, USA

“I have used many of the materials and activities in this kit in a variety of locales — schools, community settings and jails — and am delighted that they are now more widely available.”
- JANE CONNOR, Ph.D., Bartle Professor of Human Development,
Binghamton University, New York USA

“I am convinced that the world is a safer and more peaceful place because of the work of these three women. I deeply appreciate their willingness to share what they have learned by making this toolkit available to all of us.”
- KARI BJERKE, NVC Prison Project Coordinator, Sonderborg, Denmark

“These exercises pack a powerful punch, transforming vague concepts into animated reality with the prisoners I work with. I believe the NVC Toolkit will profoundly impact the educational outcome of any NVC program.”
- REV. DAVID PRICE, Chaplain, Mission Institution, Mission, B.C., Canada

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