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If you have any problems ordering the Toolkit Exercise Manual, accessing the resources on this website, or if you have questions, please contact the authors by email

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Our intention in creating the NVC Toolkit is to support facilitators in sharing Nonviolent Communication with confidence, joy, clarity and effectiveness. We are eager to receive ongoing feedback to know how your needs have or have not been met through the Toolkit.

In reviewing feedback, it helps us to have the following information about you and about how you are using the NVC Toolkit:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • NVC experience or background
  • Size of group and context in which you are sharing Toolkit exercises
    (e.g. 5-person NVC practice group, 60-person church gathering)
  • Group’s geographical location (city, country) and language
  • We appreciate specific references to an exercise or page as well as general comments that help us understand what worked and didn’t work for you. We ask for permission to incorporate your feedback for future editions as well as to publish and respond to it on our website.

Please send your feedback to:
Email (Please specify if you want a response back from us)


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