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About Freedom Project
Freedom Project's mission is to strengthen our community through supporting the transformation of prisoners into peacemakers. We offer trainings in concrete skills of Nonviolent Communication and mindfulness leading to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones and the community. Our work addresses the healing of relationships ruptured by violence and the forging of community founded on genuine safety through connection.

Freedom Project
P.O. Box 22021 • Seattle, WA 98122-0021
Phone: 206-325-5678
Email • Web site: www.freedom-project.org


About Freedom Project Canada
Freedom Project Canada is a newly founded organization dedicated to realizing Freedom Project’s mission and vision in Canada. We are honored to be an official affiliate of Laren Society, a Canadian nonprofit providing transitional support to returnees. Laren Society has operated several halfway houses, including the Bill Mudge House, which has been serving returnees in Victoria for over 20 years. Profits from the sale of the Nonviolent Communication Toolkit for Facilitators will fund Freedom Project Canada.

Freedom Project Canada
PO Box 45119 • 12851 16th Ave.
Surrey BC V4A 9L1 Canada
Phone: 604-531-2564

About the Center for Nonviolent Communication
The international nonprofit Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) provides training, materials, and consulting to support the understanding and application of NVC throughout the globe in diverse arenas, including economics, education, justice, healthcare, and peacekeeping. Over 200 certified trainers on five continents are dedicated to the CNVC mission of realizing a world where all humans are able to meet their needs and to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Center for Nonviolent Communication
P.O. Box 6384 • Albuquerque, NM 87197
Phone: 505-244-4041 • Fax: 505-247-0414
Web site: www.cnvc.org

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